"Just a little while to stay here"の歌詞(Joe Watkins版)

George Lewisのアルバム"Jazz at Vespers"(録音1954年、Riverside RLP 12-230)でJoe Watkinsが歌っている歌詞が、ネットで出てくる歌詞()と細部で異なるようなので、ジャズボイラーズ元メンバーのマーティーさん(米国在住、帰国されてもう10年か!)にメールで質問したところ、1番を丸々直してくれました。ありがとうございます!2番はコバヤシが直しました。

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"Just a little while to stay here"

Words and music by Eugene Monroe Bertlett, 1921

Lyrics as sung by Joe Watkins in George Lewis’ album "Jazz at Vepers" (Riverside RLP 12-230 recorded in 1954)

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Soon this life will be all over

And our sinful days will end

Soon we'll take our heavenly journey

Be at home again with friends

Heaven's gates are standing open

Waiting for our entrance there

Some sweet day we'll go a-winging

Wingin' over beauties there.

Just a little while to stay here

Just a little while to wait

Just a little while to labor

In the path that's always straight

Just a little more heart troubles

In this low and sinful state

Then we'll all go marching over

Marching through the Pearly Gates.

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