3rd CD "Groundworks"
six tunes, 1,200 Japanese yen (600 yen for students)
Out May 2005 - 500 sets, Sorry !! Sold out... We have to prepare the next !

Sorry for having you waited again ! Selected so-so good performances from numerous sources recorded by the audiences, the awaited 3rd CD is out ! Audiences would certainly be happy in some meaning to catch this kind of performance in a park. The last CD before the introduction of noise suppression measure; the following is an eye-catch copy with a full of intention to the sales: "The awaited 3rd CD of the amazing New Orleans jazz band appearing only once in a month. After acquiring a street performance license from Tokyo Metropolitan Government, a sudden request for self-control has come ! What in the world is our band coming to ?! Containing 6 tunes."
1. That's a plenty  2. Just a closer walk with thee  3. Avalon  4. Beer barrel polka  5. Bye bye blackbird  6. Joe Avery's tune

2nd CD "Field sessions"
five tunes, 1,200 Japanese yen (600 yen for students)
Out March, 2003 - 300 sets Sorry !! Sold out...

Sorry for having you waited ! After the legendary 1st CD which has sold out as a result of an unexpectedly fast sales speed, we hurriedly introduced this 2nd CD. A best-buy live album, containing undoubtedly best performance with the attendance of full members, as well as big encouragement by joyful fans. With this album, your room and car will immediately turn into Inokashira Park !
1. Red river valley  2. Panama rag  3. Four leaf clover  4. Royal Garden blues  5. When the saints go marchin' in
CD"Field sessions" is also available at Osaka Japan. Visit "Swing House" which is undoubtedly the best trad jazz record shop in Japan, locating in Nanba Osaka.=>"Swing House" has closed its business.

1st CD "June at Inokashira"
four tunes, 1,000 Japanese yen (500 yen for students)
Out August, 2002 - 100 copies Sorry !! Sold out...
Our band, having an on-the-spot-first policy, has finally yielded by customers' intensive voices stating "hey, don't you have CDs ?" - which resulted in this 1st CD, in CD-R format. Lively recording highly-tensioned performances, big yells of enthusiastic fans as well as squeaks of swings (amusement park equipment). A laxury jackets were printed with a "Print-Gokko" hand printing machine !
(mp3 samples)
1. Bogalusa Strut 2. Who's Sorry Now 3. Bourbon Street Parade 4. Original Dixieland One Step
With a thought that it is not interesting to imitate major CDs, jackets of this 1st CD were cut out from incredibly thick cardboards with scissors, and printed one sheet by one with a "Print-Gokko" hand printing machine - a Japanese screen printing kit-type-thing. Printing jobs were done through a number of days in the middle of summer in Kobayashi's room without an air-conditioning equipment, and I worked for it just like a coal miner in India. Fortunately this CD has won a good reputation, and we desire to republish it, but it will not be easily realized in view of the big labour of printing processes...

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