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The Jazzboilers is a mixture of trad jazzmen in Tokyo, Japan who gathered with an intention to play New Orleans jazz at streets. Formed in 1995. Our home ground has been Inokashira Park locating in Kichijoji, Musashino-shi Tokyo, but in 2005 we were expelled from there due to sudden noise complaints. Since then we are still wandering to find a stable place to play, and recent venue is mainly Ueno park in Ueno, tokyo.

As a result of continuous effort to play (sometimes being
covered by mud and sometimes getting fully wet under the rain) with a hope to play like sandlot baseball or benchchair chess, the total number of performance exceeded 200 times in 2011! Now we used to be talked by awaiting fans so that we feel as if we are in a story of rakugo comic storytelling, but we had thought that a band is somewhat more fashionable... ?

We are frequently asked by audiences "hey, don't you play at live restaurants ?". Actually we sometimes receive offers from such restaurants, but we respectfully refuse them, partly because it is rather difficult to gather at weekday nights, and partly because playing music under the sun is so much fun ! When the music starts, a joyful situation takes over where babies begin to cry, aged listeners begin to dance, and dogs passes across the band. We are sorry about the inconvenience or difficulty to access but we believe that our policy would be accepted by our fans.

As performance is held only one time in a month, and at an open-air park, our performance is
mercilessly postponed to the next month in case it rains. We understand that it is quite an inconvenient style of activity in this 21st century, but we believe - while without a stable basis - that such an inconveniency, in turn, enhances keenness of impulse of our music and thereby produces beautiful jazz !

photo by asako
We have heard seven times in total from unknown fans stating "tears came into my eyes when I listend to the Jazzboilers at the park", while we wonder whether our music is good to that degree. At any rate, the joy of playing filling our enthusiastic performances, and groove feeling of our music, appear to be favourably accepted by audiences having good ears, so that we had some concerts at special occasions such as Kichijoji Music Festival "Street Jazz Time" (14th to 19th), Takashimaya Dept. Sinjuku Store 1st & 2nd anniversaries, the 1st Okubo Festival, Tokyo Non-professional Big Bands Union 19th annual concert (guest), and Tachikawa Sakae Public Hall (one-man concert). We are also willing to play outside the park, maybe depending on payments, so please feel free to contact us.

In 1993 we have won a Tokyo Metropolitan Government's official street performance license named "Heaven Artists". We had applied for it just out of necessity, but are a little bit proud of it, in view of the
competitive rate which was 14.0 for music performers section. Anyway it was a great effort to play for its audition held at Metropolitan Government Office Square, as it was held in a day in August of 33 degrees centigrade...

trumpet Tomomi Miyata
clarinet Mamori "Yakkun" Yakuyama
tenor sax Sumito Mochizuki
banjo Yasuhiro Tanaka
bass, box bass Kaoru Morishita
box drums, kazoo, bazooka Takehiko Kobayashi

former members:
Taku Shimoda / Yuri Ishihara / Toshikazu Kinoshita / Martin Peters

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